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Migration and Displacement Studies

Given the unresolved (and interrelated) challenges of war, political, ethnic, and religious persecution, global inequality, and climate change, more and more people are being, and will continue to be, forced from their homes. Governments, NGOs, religious relief agencies, and tech innovators across the globe have devised an array of specific, and sometimes conflicting, responses to migration and displacement. Meanwhile, institutions of higher learning can and must have a different, and equally vital, focus by preparing students to respond to some of the challenges posed by this development.

A Correlate Sequence in Migration and Displacement Studies was introduced in Fall 2021 and is now available to all Vassar College students.

Hear from Anish Kanoria (Vassar College ’18 and Vassar Refugee Solidarity co-founder) about what working on Migration and Displacement Studies meant to him as a student.

Margaret Edgecombe (Vassar College ’22) explains the opportunities she has been granted at Vassar thanks to Migration and Displacement Studies and the Consortium on Forced Migration, Displacement, and Education.